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About Us

In this supportive space, we aim to empower and uplift women in business, providing them with a platform to share their successes, challenges, and expertise. Our community is dedicated to fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere that promotes collaboration, growth, and personal development.

Through engaging content, meaningful discussions, and networking opportunities, our community members can connect with like-minded individuals, form genuine connections, and cultivate valuable business relationships. We believe that strong and authentic relationships are crucial for success, and we strive to create an environment that nurtures these connections.

Our online networking Facebook community offers various resources and tools to support female business entrepreneurs in their professional journey. We provide educational content, expert insights, and practical tips to help women navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve their goals. We also organize virtual events, webinars, and workshops, where members can learn from industry leaders and gain valuable insights into various aspects of business.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, our online community welcomes women from all backgrounds and industries. We believe in the power of collaboration and believe that by coming together and supporting each other, we can all thrive and achieve our business goals.

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"I hope you don't mind me popping up! I wanted to send a quick message through to let you know how valuable I have found your community, In the short time I have been there, I have made some great connections, taken up some beautiful offers, and learned quite a bit too! I just wanted to say thank you for facilitating such a space and allowing me to be a part of it!"


Who is the Women in Alignment Business Networking Community Facebook group for?

Our Facebook community is for any female entrepreneur with an online based business

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No, it's completely free to join the Facebook group?

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Yes! On Tuesday, it's "Free Promo Tuesday," where you can make a post to promote you business and offers. Promote 7 days a week when you sign up for our Aligned Women VIP membership.

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